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Since 2002 IIZT has helped many brands perform better online and attract customers online and offline. We were the first in Holland to use social media in a commercial way. Proud to have done the first Dutch campaign on Facebook. It was for Durex. We helped KLM to spin the sentiments using social media. And we helped many fashion brands to translate their brand in a storyline online that gave the right engagement. Our inspiration can be found in projects like Respectance and hart.volgers where we use new media to help people with real needs. Relevance is our middle name, and engagement is how we do it.

Our specialties and broadest experience can be found in fashion, health, food and services.

Social War – your fans determine how good you perform at social media

When our clients asked us how we could tell them what would work online, we felt the challenge. So many companies and “gurus” have stories to tell, but how much is true? In 2011 we started our weekly research among over 70 worldwide brands. We called it the Social War. Who’s performing best? How do they do it? What can others learn from it? It ain’t a moment we measure, it’s the ongoing nature of our research. You can subscribe to our findings. We love to share things.

Editorial – IIZT published expert advise in Emerce, adformatie and Textilia

On a regular basis you can find our articles in the Emerce, adformatie and Textilia magazine and online. We most often publish about our Social War findings. On our site we publish even more. Since we believe that you have to stay up to date and clients should feel comfortable with our ideas and way of looking at the current and future world of communication.

IIZT - stay ahead

We do digital and social strategy and creation. Most of our productions and programming work gets done in house. IIZT thinks and acts as a startup. Lean and mean, step by step. Social and community thinking are the base of most projects. Some of our specialties are fashion and e-health. We have our own Thai hangout at the Amsterdam Dappermarket: Boi Boi. And our office dog is called Sake.

The latest entries

make-love-not-walls read

Social War week 7. Politics and Fashion. Diesel and Nike case.

intelligence, operations

Last week it was all about politics in a fashion world. Diesel was the best social media performer of the last week among fashion brands and increased its engagement up to 350%. Diesel easily beats such a social media giant like Nike with the campaign “make love not walls”. Both brands try to show their political views, which are similar. But for Diesel it has a positive impact on their social media, while Nike just lost.
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