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A full service army that embraces change as the only constant and result as the only valid outcome. For strategic and tactic communication you need to understand your past, present and future. Socially at your service!


Richard Derks Founder of IIZT & head of creative, innovation and analysis.Richard is a strategic creative who understands managers and helps them to execute online campaigns in a startup like fashion. His claim to fame is co-starting KaZaA and creating the startup of Respectance. Together with IIZT he has 13 years experience with running online campaigns for leading brands. His specialties are fashion and e-health. The two big loves in his life are bull terriers and Thai food. In the weekends you can probably find him at his own Thai hangout at the Dapperstraat: Boi Boi.
richard @ iizt.com

  • Svetlana Yanchenko
  • Social media specialist and analyst
  • ♥ vodka
  • From the intriguing town of Moscow comes this beauty with brains. She studied in Russia and Amsterdam and decided to stay here. She combines strong analytical skills with a welcoming character. Well organized and proactive, Svetlana is a pleasure to work with.
  • Pawel Wawryszewicz
  • Graphic designer
  • ♥ Batman
  • Our long standing Warschau pact is crucial to visualize our concepts. Pawel is a go getter who is always on top of the latest technologies and trends. This spiderman in our team also has this crazy love for batman. His biggest talent is that he's able to quickly grasp the atmosphere our clients are looking for.
  • Sake Sergeant
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Top Dog
  • Tarot Marshall
  • Client Relations & Debt Chasing
  • Inspirator for logo
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