Smooth sailing to the “island of princes”

island of princes

Ever since we started our Boi Boi adventure in 2015 the forces of nature have been stretching us in many directions. So many plans, so little time.

We have focused on our pet project to be able to help heart patients get the best help and information possible. Of course we helped some beautiful brands in the best way we can, kid fashion, American fashion, consulting for new brands. We do it with love.

Right now is the time that we can finally take this new shape, or feel comfortable in our new body. It feels necessary to give this rebirth a new name. A name that is adventurous and is real at the same time. We call ourselves by the soil we create on, Prinseneiland or “island of princes”.

Making it simple for all to call our name. Making it possible for ourselves to share the love we have for our location. And making the story we have to tell as easy as possible. We have a lot to give. Especially to health care, food and fashion brands. We still believe, now even more than ever, in communities. Focusing on what brings people together is the best way to spread the love. That is something money can’t buy. Though if the love is there, the money will follow. Always and forever.

Check our new site, from where we try to keep you up to date. Contact us, if you think we can help you. We do have some skills, creativity and candor to get you on top of your mountain. Enjoy the sight. And our new site. 


You’re always welcome at Prinseneiland. Call us and reserve time for a first date. 020-6933131 or mail

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